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Lessons Learned from the scouts

Wondering if those who have gone before have any advice?
As your fellow scouts report back with their own and other evaluations I'll post things here that I think might be helpful to others.

From Garrett:

  • When packing things into the coolers it would have been good to organize food by meal so that it would be easier to find what you need when you need it.
  • Check with those you'll be serving to see if there's anything they cannot eat due to allergies or because they just can't stand it.
  • When cooking make sure stuff is done all the way before serving (potatoes needed a bit more time on the second side)
  • Personal favorites were the beef stroganoff and the breakfast burritos.
From John Ray
  • Take the time to follow instructions.  Accidentally skipped a step and made extra work.
  • A practice run at home would have been helpful.  
  • We needed DRY firewood, maybe we could have taken a couple starter logs or something.
  • Dehydrated beans needed more time and water to be properly reconstituted. 
  • Sante Fe Chicken is his favorite so far.

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